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Damp homes can be the cause of many health-related and building-related problems. Mould can cause respiratory problems and other health related issues. Damp conditions can also adversely affect the structural integrity of buildings. Your home is also at risk when the underfloor area is damp or poorly ventilated. Increasing sub floor ventilation can reduce the risk of destructive pests such as termites

Underfloor And Sub Floor Ventilation - Pureprotect Pty Ltd

Australian homes are commonly built with timber floors suspended over sub floor voids. When properly ventilated, these sub floor spaces trouble free, however when poorly ventilated, the air in the sub floor becomes stagnant and humid, creating the ideal conditions for mould, termites and wood rot to flourish.

Indications of sub floor dampness can include a musty or damp smell inside the home or building, a damp feeling or a propensity for mould to develop on lower wall levels and skirting boards. Increasing underfloor ventilation or sub floor ventilation is important to prevent the development of mould on sub floor timber and soil. Mould is commonly found in the underfloor areas of buildings as a result of poor sub floor ventilation and excessive moisture. This mould found growing on the timber structures or on the sub floor soil would release spores that find their way into the living space above, creating an unhealthy indoor environment. Mould spores can cause an increase in respiratory illnesses for building occupants.

A healthy living environment relies on a well-ventilated sub floor area so dampness and mould can’t grow and good air quality inside the home can be maintained. When air quality is poor, people living in the home are at greater risk of poor health including respiratory disorders, allergies and sinus problems.

When mould is identified in the sub floor it is important you act quickly. The first step is always to treat and kill the mould. After the mould has been treated, increasing airflow and reducing moisture levels is critical.

Our technicians can advise on the appropriate solution for your home or building after carefully assessing the property using digital moisture meters and thermal infrared technology. Call now on 1800 664 602.