Sub floor damp and mould in your Home or Building?

Sub Floor Damp And Mould - Pureprotect Pty Ltd

A damp sub floor area can result in the development of mould. Mould can cause respiratory problems and other health related issues.

You and your home are at risk when the sub floor area is damp or poorly ventilated. By introducing fresh air, and removing damp, stale air, our sub floor system will ventilate your entire sub floor area.

Increasing sub floor ventilation can reduce the risk of destructive pests such as termites and reduce the risk of sub floor mould. A healthy living environment relies on a well-ventilated sub floor area so dampness and mould can’t grow and good air quality inside the home can be maintained.

If you have a noticeable musty or damp smell in your home, there is a solution, our technicians can advise on the appropriate solution for you.

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