PureProtect's Services

Our services include mould investigations and mould remediation, flood and water damage restoration, fire and smoke damage restoration, forensic and crime scene cleaning, clandestine lab cleaning and the remedial building works required to restore homes and buildings.

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Mould-Inspection Services

Mould Inspections

When mould growth is evident inside homes or buildings, the cause must be identified and corrected and the mould contamination removed…

Mould Removal Services

Mould Removal

Our mould removal and mould remediation services include removing mould from buildings, contents, including furniture and…

Rising Damp Services

Damp Proofing

Rising damp occurs when moisture from the ground travels up through the walls of a building by capillary action.

Waterproofing Services

Water Proofing

Our skilled team can inspect and test your home or building to determine the water ingress or moisture problem.

Subfloor Mould Repair Services

Sub Floor Mould Repair

Mould is commonly found in the sub floor areas of buildings as a result of poor sub floor ventilation and excessive moisture.

Contents Restoration Services

Contents Restoration

Contents are commonly forgotten in mould remediation projects, the focus is often on identifying the source of moisture or water ingress….

Mould Illness

Mould Illness

There are many ways for buildings to become water damaged, and therefore becoming hosts for biotoxins. While there are many….

Building And Construction Restoration Services

Building & Construction

PureProtect offer clients a unique service and a fully integrated repair solution incorporating both restoration, remediation and building services.….