PureProtect’s Rising Damp Repair Service

Rising damp occurs when moisture from the ground travels up through the walls of a building by capillary action. This means that ground water and moisture is absorbed up through the pores in bricks. This moisture contains salts that also travel up through the wall.

Walls affected by rising damp can transfer moisture to other porous building materials such as plaster and timber found in the floor boards, joists and skirtings. These materials will also absorb the ground water easily and you may find evidence of wet rot in the timber around damp walls.  Generally rising damp is first noticed by the damage it causes to the internal walls of a building. Plaster and paint can deteriorate and any wallpaper tends to loosen. A visible stain often appears on the wall in the form of a tide mark at the point where the ground water has reached. You may also see salts blooming on the internal surface. This is something often associated with rising damp and will lead to the debonding of paints and even plaster work. Externally, mortar may crumble and white salt stains may appear on the walls.

PureProtect recommends the Westox Chemical Injection method for rising damp repairs as this has been proven over many years to be the most effective method for the treatment of rising damp, this process is faster, less costly and less intrusive than other methods.  

Our specialist building restoration team can inspect your rising damp problem, and prepare a detailed scope of works to repair. Our remedial services are carried out by trained and highly experienced professionals.

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