PureProtect’s Mould Testing & Mould Sampling Service

Our inspection process of a property or building will always include a thorough visual inspection, however as mould is generally microscopic, not visible without magnification, mould testing is recommended and is often an important component of the inspection process to accurately assess the mould condition present.

Surface mould sampling will generally use a biotape or a surface swab and airborne mould sampling will use an Air-O-Cell or Via-Cell device for collection of the mould samples. Australia’s leading laboratories then provide us with analysis and detailed analytical reports as part of the PureProtect Mould Testing service.

The report presented may be used for identification of mould growth, measurement of the extent of the mould contamination, identification of mould types and for defining the remediation work required. Black mould is probably the most common indoor air quality concern; in fact mould has the potential to be a very serious health issue.

There are many mould species; some of those may be harmful while others are not. It is impossible to determine those that are harmful or not without a mould testing procedure. It is possible to take air and surface samples of the mould and have them analysed in a certified laboratory. Mould testing and sampling requires specific equipment. Call now on 1800 664 602.