Mould Contamination of Household Contents

Mould Contamination Of Household Contents - Pureprotect Pty Ltd

Transporting and storing household furniture and contents both domestically and internationally does come with a degree of risk of mould contamination, particularly when items are exposed to high levels of humidity for extended periods and the incidence of water damage. When unpacking furniture and contents following transport, it is important to identify mould affected contents and to act quickly by ensuring an assessment is conducted. If mould affected items are transferred to a new residence, cross contamination of the new residence can occur.

Our technicians attended a home where the owners had recently moved from overseas. Whilst in transit, their contents, which were being transported in shipping containers, became wet and as a result, extensive mould growth occurred on those contents. Our technician team was able to assess the contents, categorise those contents which were salvageable, and those that were not, and conducted the appropriate remediation work returning the contents to a pre-loss condition.

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