PureProtect's Flood & Water Damage Service

We can assist with flood and/or water damage emergency. We have a team of experienced flood and water damage technicians able to provide a 24/7 response.

Water Damage Restoration - Pureprotect Pty Ltd

Our priority is to treat your wet carpet or flood damage situation as an emergency, and to restore your home or building to its fully functional state in the shortest time possible. Prompt action is essential. Mould and bacteria begin to grow in as little as 12-24 hours after water damage occurs. Extracting standing water and starting the drying process is essential to preventing the growth of hazardous mould. Flood and water damage has so many sources that it is impossible to consider them all. Common sources include rising water tables from heavy rains, washing machine overflows, dishwashers, backed-up sewers, faulty sprinkler systems and leaking roofs. Each situation is unique and requires a different approach.

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