Mould Contamination from Failed Waterproof Membrane

Mould Contamination From Failed Waterproof Membrane - Pureprotect Pty LtdWhen waterproofing membranes fail with age or when incorrectly installed, water penetration can occur and can be a common cause of mould growth when this moisture comes into contact with porous building materials such as plasterboard, timber and carpets. Often the impact of this water penetration can go unnoticed for some time, and is often only detected when a mould related odour is noticed.

Our technicians were requested to inspect a property where extensive mould contamination was evident across a large section of a living room ceiling. Upon entering the property, a strong mould related odour was evident and significant mould growth evident on contents in the living room and kitchen.

The waterproof membrane on the balcony above the living room had failed, and moisture was able to migrate through to the plasterboard ceiling and cornice areas.

Our technicians were able to correctly identify the source of the moisture using our FLIR thermal imaging system and by conducting flood testing of the balcony. Our remediation plan involved reconstruction of the tiled balcony and mould remediation of the home including replacement of the plasterboard ceiling and cornice areas. Call now on 1800 664 602.