10 Things You Must Know About Mould

10 Things You Must Know About Mould - Pureprotect Pty Ltd

  1. All moulds are potentially a health hazard. Mould exposure symptoms include allergic reactions, asthma and other respiratory complaints.
  2. Reactions to mould vary by individual. However, those most susceptible to mould exposure include young children, the elderly, those with compromised immune systems, and people with pre-existing respiratory problems.
  3. Mould spores are everywhere and it’s practically impossible to eliminate all of them from indoor environments. The only way to control mould development in the indoor environment is to control moisture and rectify contributing building defects.
  4. If mould is a problem in your home or office, you must have it removed and the moisture problem fixed.
  5. Ventilation is critical to reducing mould development. Venting bathrooms, clothes dryers and other moisture-generating sources to the outside is important.
  6. Drying water damaged building materials and furnishings within 24-48 hours reduces the risk of mould growth.
  7. Porous mouldy materials such as ceiling tiles, plasterboard, and carpets cannot be effectively cleaned and therefore should be replaced after fixing the moisture problem. If the moisture problem is not resolved, the mould growth will return.
  8. Condensation on cold surfaces is a major cause of mould growth. Reduce the potential for condensation on cold surfaces (i.e., windows, exterior walls, roof, or floors) by installing approved insulation systems.
  9. Mould can grow on virtually any organic substance, providing moisture is present. Mould can grow undetected inside wall spaces, subfloor areas, under carpet, and inside HVAC systems. Air sampling may help detect hidden mould.
  10. Clean up of large areas of mould contamination can cause airborne spores to increase to levels resulting in acute mould exposure. Hiring a qualified mould removal company is recommended since they have the tools and experience required to prevent the spread of airborne mould throughout the house.


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